Monday, February 14, 2011

Jordanian Human Rights Activists, Lebanese TV Channel, Praise Murderer of Seven Israeli Girls

I really have stopped blogging but this video sickened me so much I had to say something about it.

Some choice quotes:
"What choice did he have but to open fire?"
"Instead of being honored as a hero, he is in jail."

Please. and they say we can make peace with these ...

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My Personal View on the Palileak Papers

Over the recent hubub about the Palileak papers, with respected persons such as Barry Rubin questioning the papers' authenticity and how these leaks put the PA on the defensive, and others talking about how there really is nothing new within these revelations, I think a point not mentioned that deserves mentioning is how the Arab world is going to change as a result of this controversy.
The Arab world is a closed society. They seem to only believe their own, such as Al-Jazeera. Now that this scandal is in the air, and with the backlash against Al-Jazeera (2), the Arabs have two choices, believe Al-Jazeera or don't believe. This may lead to more discussion which may lead the Arabs to look elsewhere for answers. In other words, this whole debacle will spur discussion, causing a crack in the close-mindedness of the Arab psyche: That can only be a good thing.
Admittedly this is all speculation but I am hopeful.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Iran and the Spy

Iran caught another spy. This time it's not a vulture that the Muslim world has caught, nor pigeon, or shark, nor jellyfish, or squirrel (etc.)... No, now they caught a real live human being! (One has to wonder why Israel would use a human being when all the creatures of mother nature are just as willing to spy for them but) as INN reports:

  Iran claims it has penetrated Israel's international espionage agency, the Mossad.
“After months of silent struggle, offensive, multi-layered and complicated operations and penetration into the depths of the Zionist regime's intelligence led to the uncovering of very important and sensitive information about Mossad spies and operations,” the Iranian Intelligence Ministry announced Monday in a statement.
And not only that, but the spy confessed on live TV!
Iranian state television broadcast the “confession”
The alleged Mossad operator said in his confession that he was flown to the Jewish State by a Persian-speaking Israeli. He was taken to Mossad headquarters, he said, claiming the campus was four kilometers long, surrounded by barbed wire fences and located between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.
 The information gleaned from the spy was so good...
The information was inaccurate.
He also said he was taught how to place bombs in cars. 

Monday, November 1, 2010